ChiBrations • Sam Trump

UPDATE: Upon his return to finish out the first month in ChiBration's second year, Sam Trump and company offer up an exclusive performance of a new old track, "Wasn't Looking." While Sam may not have been looking for love when he first recorded this record, it's inevitable that some of you are as the temperatures drop and cuffing season sneaks up on us. Maybe this song will help that process along, who knows. 

Sam absolutely captivates us with his flexible music abilities once again, leaning on his strengths as a singer and trumpet player in this latest performance. While Sam has performed this record a number of times live, it is not currently released on any project. Be on the look out for this and more on Sam's upcoming project, "Purple Skies" this fall. ChiBrations once again delivers some exclusives and another reason to keep up with their schedule monthly. 

We still have a few months left until the new year, but the ChiBrations series just recently celebrated their first trip around the sun. In a gathering of talented musicians and fans alike, the ChiBrations' team and a number of performers that were previously featured in the series celebrated Chicago soul music at the Emporium Arcade Bar in Wicker Park. Drawing in a crowd that is often deprived of such a packed lineup of talented singers and songwriters, the ChiBrations team has proven that their efforts have filled a void. 


With their worth confirmed, ChiBrations doesn't hesitate to keep the party going as they invite co-founder Sam Trump to kick off year two, just as he did in year one. Per usual, ChiBrations featured artists begin the month by diving into a cover version of some of their favorite music and Sam issues a double dose of modern day classics. To start, Sam is joined by Erthe St. James (Vocals / Shaker / Tambourine), Jeff Swanson (Guitar), Leonard Maddox Jr. (Drums) and Runere Brooks (Bass) for a rendition of Robert Glasper and Erykah Badu's "Afro Blue". Switching it up half way through, Sam and the crew jump into D'Angelo's "Brown Sugar", the title track to his 1995 debut album.

Both are some seriously great records, and Sam Trump and company do them both justice. While excellent at performing other's music, Sam Trump will be back later this month to showcase some of his own. Be on the lookout for more exclusive performances from Sam Trump later this month and many other news faces as the ChiBrations' year two unfolds.