Green Sllime's Low Budget Ass Feature!

Photos by  Michael Salisbury

As we venture further into what some consider a modern-day Renaissance, artists we've come to know and love are evolving before our eyes. For instance, Knox Fortune and Stefan Ponce, both widely known for their production and DJ abilities, have also ushered promising careers as vocalists this year. Another well-known producer-DJ and lyricist by the name of Green Sllime, has gone through a bit of a transformation himself. Last December he released the first of a running talk-show series titled, Sllime’s Broke Ass Low Budget Show. While embracing this change of pace, Sllime stumbled upon a new passion for entertainment.


As a DJ over the years, Sllime has performed and toured with friends such as Saba, Smino, or Dally Auston. Since adding ‘Talk Show Host’ to his list of talents, Green Sllime now morphs his DJ booth into a fur-covered desk, often topped with a bottle of whiskey. Assuming this new role in the scene has added the joy of laughter to his already musically famed reputation. Like much of what we’ve seen in the episodes so far, Sllime’s penchant for comedy comes in the spur of the moment. After completing the first show late last year, he knew this was something he needed to take to the next level.      

Let’s see what we can do with no budget.
— Green Sllime

Sllime got the idea for the show from a dream, "I jumped up and I was just like, ‘Shit, I'm broke as hell. I ain't got no budget. I ain't trying to spend money on this shit. Ain't nobody else trying to spend any money on this shit. Let's see what we can do with no budget.’" What began as a dream, Sllime has since manifested into reality with the help of his friends at 119 Productions. It had to be a broke-ass show as Sllime recalled, "You feel me?" As he precisely rolled the contents of his grinder, "I had no other options. Every time I tried to make it nice or whatever, it always came out really shitty anyway!"

An exclusive highlight reel featuring all of Sllime's favorite moments from the show.

Along with his fellow artists and his friends at 119 Productions, Green Sllime is showing a different side of the Chicago scene one guest at a time. It's not every day you get a front row seat to a Joseph Chilliams’ hip thrust tutorial, witness Mick Jenkins vanish into thin air or watch TheMind trade tour stories while being forced to sip whiskey through a straw— not without Sllime, you don't. It's thanks to Sllime's uncensored brand of humor that we get to enjoy some of our favorites get put on the spot for the camera. That's right, all the humdrum of talented artists with equally awesome brands isn't enough to quell Sllime's interest. No, Sllime’s Broke Ass Low Budget Show wants to see who you really are. Sllime says,  "Fuck the business shit like, who are you really?" he proceeded, "I'm gonna get you drunk, I'm gonna get you high, and we gon' see what you really talkin' about, or, I'm gonna ask you some crazy ass shit!" At the end of the day, Sllime and his team don't spend too much time strategizing each show. They've learned that the less they need to prepare for an episode, the more fun they have making it.


"Fuck the business shit, like who are you really?"

- Green Sllime

Even so, Sllime’s Broke Ass Low Budget Show keeps the viewers guessing with every episode. Along with cutaway sketches such as, "Bob's Backwoods and Yams", "Camp Finesse”, and the occasional "Street Sharks" interviews by Sharkula, Sllime is determined to mix up the content by introducing new elements to the show. Although he's happy with the thousands of views he's received so far, Sllime claims the show is but a fraction of what he originally intended. Ultimately, he'd love for the series to be a cross between The Chappelle Show and reality television, with a little Jackass sprinkled on top. Shows like these are a large part of Sllime's inspiration. That being said, it wouldn't be strange to see Katie Got Bandz on a makeshift episode of Elimidate or a GLC version of Pimp My Ride in the near future. Ridiculous and awesome situations such as these will become quite the norm with Sllime running the show. Thankfully, he has plenty more strokes of weird genius to unveil.