Respect The Neighors • Drayco McCoy (FullyAutomaticDrayco)

Photo by Nate Guenther

Photo by Nate Guenther

Hometown: Fort Wayne / Indianapolis, IN • Age: 22 • Follow: Twitter // Soundcloud

Drayco Mccoy is a twister of vibes manically flying through the Midwest, party coming straight out your headphones in an explosion of chaotic hip-hop. He's got his own distinctly Indianapolis style, one of basements, mosh pits, bass, crushed cans, distortion, cig butts, and a love of basketball. A sense of humor, too ("I sold like 30 Xans in front of Trader Joes"). Official name FullyAutomaticDrayco, you can also call him Drayco McCoy, and he produces music under the name BigBabyGuillotine. Keep up. A lot to unpack, but don't over-analyze; the directness of his music is what makes it pop.

The sound of Drayco McCoy may be hard to explain at first, but Indianapolis' under the radar and on the rise music landscape is the first place to look. Drayco sees it a point where all sorts of sounds are converging, and he's a part of that.

"Indianapolis' music scene is very diverse. We have a lot of very talented artists and everyone in the hip-hop scene has shown great support and love for one another. Everyone provides something different and fresh, and it's a great experience, especially for those who are just recently discovering what we have to offer."

 A city undefined by any genre in particular reflects in Draco McCoy’s music. Cohesive, but eclectic, manifested in a house party maelstrom influenced by hip-hop, punk, and whatever else, as long as it goes hard. DIY movement kicking, artists from Indianapolis are keeping live music alive, rap and rock sharing the city. His performances have already given Drayco McCoy a glowing reputation, who performed over fifty live shows in the last couple years in Indiana, with everything from rock groups to straight hip-hop bills. From Drayco's fans to his music itself, he's been an undeniable success bridging across genre.

Drayco McCoy is equally effective riding between waves of hip-hop fans. The new school will immediately embrace his left field, Midwest-macabre, the raw noise, and older heads can't deny FullyAutomaticDrayco's devious bars upon bars. As such, his music is immediately confident. There's no creative hesitation, he knows exactly what he's doing (each project a progression, yet each still Drayco). With 3 mixtapes and an EP in 2016 alone, his already prolific library is a testament to his work ethic, a long trail of evidence towards his unique creative talent. Find his bandcamp to go even deeper.

What's it sound like? His project Drayco McGrady,  released a couple weeks ago,  is underground yet completely polished, a dark night time traipse through NapTown. His product, aided by some brilliant work on production from Rich Beats, himself, and many others, is a tightrope walk between distorted turn ups and shadowy late nights on city streets. A look at the person behind the party, peeking into the craziness, the night of, and the morning after. This balancing act is made possible only by the work of Drayco McCoy, who successfully coveys his persona on every track, a devilish, streetwise, function-loving, wordsmith.  Brilliantly braggadocios on his raps, but if you ask real life FullyAuto, he offers a more reserved take on his success. 

"Drayco McCoy is just a young talented dude, trying to figure out his destiny. Just like the rest of us."

Drayco McCoy will be performing his first show in Chicago for FSD x RBSS March 8, opening for Lil Bibby and G Herbo. RSVP here. Absolutely not one to miss.