ChiBrations • Sarah Marie Young

Update: As promised, Sarah Marie Young and her ukulele return to close out the September edition of ChiBrations with a live performance of her original song "Your Girl", originally featured on her most recent EP, "Recess". Obviously a favorite song of hers, and quickly becoming one of ours, "Your Girl" gets some elements added to it with the assistance of a full band in her in studio performance, but the underlying love story stays the same. I strongly encourage you to use this opportunity to listen to "Recess" in its entirety. ChiBrations has once again put us on to Chicago singer/songwriter worth noting, and we'd love to do you that favor as well.  

In its third month, ChiBrations returns with more Chicago based names you need to take note of. In September we get to know singer/songwriter Sarah Marie Young. Chicago resident by way of Indianapolis, Sarah made her way to the big city to pursue her love for jazz, r&b and soul. Her singing and ukulele strumming has led to four albums since 2010, her most recent being Recess this past April. Her music has taken Sarah all over the world and generated a number of accolades, but she's currently back in Chicago performing locally and taking some time to get in the studio with the ChiBrations team. 

Joined by Stu Mindeman on piano, Neal Wehman on drums and Andrew Vogt playing stand up bass, Sarah kicks off her ChiBrations set with a quick interview and performance of Creedence Clearwater Revival's "Have You Ever Seen The Rain". Slowing the tempo down a bit and adding a taste of her soulful roots, Sarah's rendition of the 70's classic highlights her vocal range and even finds a place for her ukulele. 

Once again Soapbox Music studios on Chicago's westside is the backdrop for these unique collaborations. Be sure to check out "Have You Ever Seen The Rain" below. Catch Sarah Marie Young performing live at more than a handful of places around Chicago this month. Get details for all of her upcoming performances at