Instrumental Insight • Quinn Cochran

Photo cred:  Emilie Bruyere

Photo cred: Emilie Bruyere

Age: 21 • Hometown: Kansas City • Follow: Twitter // SoundCloud

All year long, I've been trying my hardest to properly document the movements and happenings of Quinn Cochran. Thankfully, he's given me plenty to work with. The Chicago (by way of Kansas City) artist is not only a producer (hence his inclusion into this column) but also a talented guitarist and singer. And he dabbles with keys. And bass. And he's tall enough to slam dunk, but only at the right time.

Living in Uptown with Elias Abid and Aura, all of whom are originally from Kansas City (they've been friends for years), the three have built themselves an inspiring and motivational creative space. The spot hosts two home studios in one apartment with frequent collaborators like Appleby coming and going. We documented this atmosphere in the July cover story for These Days, stating that "the four artists are inseparable, acting more as a healthy family than a handful of roommates and artists."

Most recently and most notably, Quinn Cochran fully produced the debut EP by Iris Temple, of which he is one of two members. We provided a spotlight for the duo back in February and they've been impressing us all year long. On the new EP, Duality, which we premiered earlier this month, Quinn handled all production duties as well as splitting vocals with Aura (who's real name is also Quinn). Mixing hip-hop with soul, R&B, electronica, and even a splash of blues, the five song EP is about as organic and refreshing as they come.

Duality remains a stand out for Quinn Cochran and his production capabilities. After all, while he's been playing music for years, he's only recently expanded as a producer. And sheesh, has he picked it up quickly. This year alone, he's provided guitar and vocal work on Appleby and Elias Abid's track "Random Love" as well as fully producing the debut EP, SKIN, for Jabril Power, which we premiered back in April,

The public might not know what the remainder of the year will bring for Quinn Cochran, but something tells me that he has a game plan. I don't want to give too much away, but let it be known that Quinn is continuing to work with Aura for more Iris Temple content and he's also been seen frequenting the studios of Banks the Genius and Jaro. You might even hear some Quinn guitar work on a song dropping next week, but that might be more information than I'm supposed to give. I've said too much.

Photo cred:  Dolly Ave

Photo cred: Dolly Ave