Looking Ahead • Ethos' 'August' Release Party at Tonic Room

Coming up this Friday (the 26th), we have yet another musical crowd pleaser to add to your social calendar. Rapper, rocker, activist and abolitionist, Ethos is releasing his widely anticipated August project at the Tonic Room's monthly “All Smiles” event (every 4th Friday), co-sponsored by 119 Presents. The Tonic Room is the perfect venue for low-key, intimate concerts such as this, and no doubt the "All Smiles" August Release Party at Tonic Room promises to be a very special event.

August is a release party you want to be at, partially because we’re all wondering what Ethos’ ‘August’ project will sound like! Between his solo work and his band Thy Neighbors, Ethos’ music is equal parts poetry, activism, garage rock ambient, drone, hip-hop, and who knows what else. With such a diverse array of sounds and influences, genre is whatever Ethos wants it to be, as long as his point is getting across. Most important is Etho's internal and external explorations, finding sense in today's craziness. Message precedes medium. This is sure to be some music for the soul and food for the brain. 

A song is worth way more than words, and if the above description doesn't quite cut it for you, check out Etho's most recent track "Aṣẹ" to get a feel for his contemplative style. And for even more info, just check out our Home Team series, where we covered him a few months back.  Ethos will be appearing alongside Qari and Mother Nature (duo Klevah and PS), with DJ Elliven and Cosmo commanding the boards. It's 21+ and quite the steal for 8 bucks.  Included is free Old Style (yes, you read correctly) from 8-9PM (shout out SCC). Doors at 8PM. Be there!