Instrumental Insight • $OMEBODY

Photo cred:  Dolly Ave

Photo cred: Dolly Ave

Age: 21 • Neighborhood: Chicago (He's Everywhere) • Follow: Twitter // SoundCloud

The enigmatic, newly formed moniker $OMEBODY began as an anonymous mystery. Solid color artwork and no name attached, loose instrumentals began to be scattered throughout an impressive and intriguin SoundCloud page. While the secret is out, and Martin $ky was revealed as the man behind the baby blue, the alter ego continues to roar. 

Rather than make a simple and separate SoundCloud page for instrumentals, Chicago artist Martin $ky formed a new person. Like Mac Miller's Larry Fisherman, Martin $ky's $OMEBODY is its own monster. Now, with seven songs released (all of which we've included in the playlist to the left), it's only right that we include the talent into our ongoing Instrumental Insight column. 

It's worth clarifying that "Produced by Martin $ky" and "Produced by $OMEBODY" are two different sounds, yet still the same person. Like Shawn Lee and Clutchy Hopkins. For the $OMEBODY account, it seems that Martin experiments with more genres and styles, escaping a bit from hip-hop. "Give You", for example, would fit perfectly in a disco ball club somewhere in Europe. "STR8 UP", in opposition, is nothing but a piano and bird noises. "It Rained a Lot Today", on the other hand, is a pleasant lullaby complete with harp (courtesy of Yomi) and cello (courtesy of Jac Stovler). Nothing disappoints here.

With Martin $ky preparing something special before the year is over (under his name), he continues to hold his audience's attention through various outlets. For myself in particular, his $OMEBODY account, with an EP's worth of material in the last four months, is what I keep coming back to time and time again.