Drop Pin • Jaro Eats

If producer Jaro isn't at his day job at SAE (School of Audio Engineering) or hard at work on a new song in his home studio, then he's probably at a really good restaurant. Hopping all over the city to enjoy a tasty meal, he seems to know plenty of hidden and authentic spots that might be under the radar for most. Find him ordering milk tea from Thee Asian or eating at Leghorn in between songs. I asked the creative to list his three favorite locales in Chicago. Enjoy his selections below and be sure to check out his newest EP, La Bleue

1.)MingHin Cuisine (Chinatown)


This is the best late night dim sum spot you'll find in the city. Opened 'til 2:00 a.m., their BBQ pork bao buns and shrimp dumplings are definitely a necessity. If you're feeling adventurous, definitely hit the chicken feet...although none of my white friends ever want to try it with me, I promise it's fire.

2.) Le's Pho (argyle/Uptown)


If we're talking authentic Vietnamese pho, Le's got the best bowl in the city. The large special (Pho Dat Biet) is a standard go-to on a cold day. If you're looking for something a little less soup-based, the Vietnamese vermicelli dish (Bun Thit Nuong) is a strong Jaro favorite. 

3.) Fatso's Last Stand (ukrainian Village)


Fatso's is another late night favorite spot. At only $6, Fatso's has, arguably, the best burger in this city. The lettuce texture is perfectly crisp, complimenting the rich cheddar cheese melting atop the burger. Although their hand cut fries are my favorite in the city, I almost always have to opt for their fried pickles instead. That Fatso's Sauce is insane!