Instrumental Insight • Blended Babies

 Members: Rich Gains x JP Blended • Location: L.A. (by way of Chicago) • Follow: SoundCloud // Twitter

The history of blended Babies runs deep. Made up of members Rich Gains and JP Blended, the two formed their duo in Chicago in 2002, after meeting at Colombia College. In the fourteen years that follow, they went from "The Blender", a home studio in Chicago, to recording and producing in Los Angeles, where they currently reside.

The production résumé is insane. To even begin to list the artists they've collaborated with over the years is a task. But I'll name a few from Chicago, just to start: Chance The Rapper, The O'My's, GLC, Rockie Fresh, Caleb James, Kids These Days, Willis Earl Beal, Twista, Cool Kids, and so many more. They produced an entire album for GLC and they produced an entire album for The O'My's. Outside of Chicago, they've done full projects with Anderson .Paak and Asher Roth. They've worked with names like Da$h, Boldy James, Action Bronson, the list goes on.

I first heard about Blended Babies after they produced the song “Oil Money” for Freddie Gibbs and a posse of rappers (Chuck Inglish, Chip Tha Ripper, Bun B), as well as a hook by Dan Auerbach (of The Black Keys). After that, I found the amazing Chicago number “Loungin'” by Skooda Chose, Sir Michael Rocks, and Twista, which we discussed earlier this year.

While their Chicago-based portfolio alone is worth of inclusion into our Instrumental Insight column, and to keep it timely, Blended Babies have been churning out a serious amount of music as of late. They started releasing collaborative EPs, full of instrumentals with friends that come and go. Beginning this series last year, they already have six of these EPs, some of them two songs, while other are seven. The playlist to your left has compiled all of the tracks for your listening comfort. On top of this, Blended Babies and Chuck Inglish finally let loose their album Ev Zepplin, which I imagine was sitting on ice for a minute. Six EPs, a full-length, and plenty of loose tracks, all in the last year? You obviously have enough Blended Babies to hold you over for quite some time. If you need more, be sure to check out their debut instrumental album Shooter Mcgavin, which dropped back in 2011.