Looking Ahead • Remy Sessions with oddCouple

Since about the mid-nineties' onset of Puff Daddy and Dr. Dre, the title of producer in hip-hop has grown and evolved significantly throughout the years. Gone are the days of the rapper being the only relevant name on a tracklisting, with names like Timbaland, Pharrell and Kanye as big as those they laid the beats for. Such holds true even on the local level and so it should be no surprise that Closed Sessions' own Zach Henderson, better known and the ubiquitous oddCouple, is teaming up with Remy Martin for a showcase of hometown talent packaged through the lens of Mr. Couple himself. Taking over East Room for the evening Tuesday, Henderson brings out a cross-section of collaborators with Joey Purp, WebsterX, Golden and fellow-signee Boathouse joining him at 2354 N. Milwaukee. While most, if not all, appeared on OC's last project, perhaps we'll also get a peek at what's to come. We caught up with the man himself ahead of the event to get a deeper look into the show itself and what he's been cooking up with the squad over at Soundscape Studios.

Where • East Room

When • July 19, 8 PM

Tickets • FREE with RSVP

TheseDays • The last project we got was Chatterbox, what's coming up?

oddCouple • Man whats next is this project I'm working on called Liberation. It's more than a project honestly, it’s a state of mind I've been in - finally letting go of things that have held me back as a person, memories and grudges that I held for no reason, complexes and misguided dreams that I'm over, or have completely let go. I feel honestly, really free, very lucky as an artist and a man right now, so not to get too over-conceptual, Liberation is kind of a soundtrack to the revelations, and the freedom I'm feeling, as well as the commentary on how not free we are at the same time.

TheseDays • With producers at the forefront, what kind of image or sound are you trying to convey?

oddCouple • It's really dope how producers can steer their own narratives these days. It’s important for me to make amazing larger than life music that not only is honest and me, also bridges the gap between the music I love and grew up on, and the shit that we turn up to now.

TheseDays • How cool is it to be in a position to curate a night of your favorite local acts?

oddCouple • It's crazy to be a curator and like the common thread between these artists because even with my music, that's what I've become. My music isn't just oddCouple featuring so and so, but a way for artists to collaborate, have fun, and make organic music together, so it's awesome to have an opportunity to translate that to a live platform. Shouts to Remy on that one.

TheseDays • Anything to add that the people should know?

oddCouple • EVERYTHING ELSE haha - Tomorrow will be alot of fun, it’s been so awesome making this next wave of music. I'm having a lot of fun with everything, from the music to the growth, to the DJ'ing, and I really want to make sure everybody tomorrow can feel that and join in!