ChiBrations • Sam Trump

Chicago has most recently been known for it's hip hop community, but this city has a rich history of talented musicians in a number of genres including blues, jazz, house, indie rock and plenty more. In short, people in Chicago know how to pick up an instrument and play stuff people want to hear. 

To highlight this source of musical talent, Sam Trump, a multi-instrumentalist and performer you may know from his work with local band Sidewalk Chalk, has taken it upon himself to curate a new live performance series called ChiBrations. Each month will highlight a new musician over the course of several releases. You'll get to hear from the musicians themselves in the form of a short interview and watch them perform some of their music.

To kick off ChiBrations, Sam Trump himself steps in front of the camera to give you a little background about himself, the idea behind ChiBrations and what we can expect from the series moving forward. For his performance pieces, Sam is joined by Koku Gonza (Guitar/Vocals), Khari Lemuel (Cello/Vocals) and Chris Paquette (Percussion) at Soapbox Studios on Chicago's west side where they perform an original song called "No Limit" and a Van Hunt cover, "Down Here In Hell". 

Sam gives viewers and listeners just a taste of his musical background by playing his trumpet, a ukulele that inspired a whole album and of course he also provides the vocals to some extent in both performances. If you ever had the desire to sit in on a jam session with some extremely talented musicians, ChiBrations is most certainly for you. Join the ensemble and click play above to celebrate musicianship in ChiBrations, part 1.