Drop Pin • Julius Torres


Lately, we've been making an effort to shine a light on different sides of the city, reaching outside just the music scene to highlight other pockets of artistry that make up what we ultimately have called the 'Chicago Renaissance'. A big part of the incubation of art on the ground floor here has been the work done at Canvas in Wicker Park. Through a variety of efforts, the collective that calls the multifunctional space home is a lifeblood for much of what we see across the city. A big part of that team is Julius Torres, a Florida native who relocated here to Chicago and immersed himself in the scene. We featured him recently on Yung Creatives and caught up with him on our livestream of the Chicago Nightlife Awards where his team was a finalist for 'Best DIY Collective'. Dude seems to know what's going on in the city so we decided to catch up with him to bring back our Drop Pin feature. Without further ado, I give you Julius Torres' picks around the city and don't miss Canvas' Primer event June 30, you just might catch some familiar faces!

1.) West on North 

This spot is my favorite watering hole in my neighborhood. This is a spot where I can go in and expect to see cool neighbors like Nick Hennessy and Maceo Haymes from The O'Mys as well as friendly bartenders and servers that remember faces and drink orders. The bar also has really good food, a patio, and a lounge that I find as a perfect place to watch the NBA finals.


2.) The 606 Trail

Biking has been a big part of my life, there's nothing like seeing the city on a bike, plus exercising and listening to a good track... a really good way to lift spirits. Chicago does a really good job accommodating the bikers of the city, it's much appreciated and one of my favorite things about living here. The 606 is a perfect example of that kind of accommodation, it's so refreshing and beautiful, I consider myself lucky to include it in my daily commute. 


3.) Canvas Courtyard 

Even though I work with Canvas, I still find the Courtyard to be one of my favorite hang out spots, it's a beautiful environment that I like to describe as The Mural Garden. The murals have so much character from OG artist like Zor, and current relevant artists in game such as - Ali 6 and Lefty. The Courtyard's garden provides a great fresh air feeling with lush foliage. This summer you can definitely find me there either doing work, BBQing, or kicking it patio style with our community. 


4.) East Room 

East Room is most definitely my favorite spot to hit the dance floor. The venue does a really good job of bringing in talented acts and working with collective groups and promoters such as; 1833, Soulection, In the Loop, Young Girl Party, and AGO to create some of the best dance vibes. I also find that when I go there the crowd is always packed with the young and creative scene, so it's definitely my kind of place.