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Photo Courtesy of WARHOL.SS

Photo Courtesy of WARHOL.SS

Age: 18 • Neighborhood: South Shore • Follow: Twitter // Soundcloud

South side native WARHOL.SS has made 2016 his so far with a relentless onslaught of new music and cosigns coming in by the dozen. Recently named a Red Bull Sound Select artist, Warhol shared the stage with Soulja Boy just last month, exposing his music and name to many new faces. Not everyone in the sold out Double Door space came to see Warhol perform, but they all left having experienced a live performance from one of Chicago's most promising local talents. Regardless of his recent popularity, there are still plenty of music fans who are unfamiliar with the name or the movement behind it.

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Fresh out of high school and currently attending Harold Washington College, Warhol got started releasing music of his own just over a year ago, but music has been a driving force in his life for years. Coming up in a household that listened to everything from Badu to Jeezy, the musical inspirations were strong. The creativity didn't stop there though. A son of a fashion designer, Warhol also caught the designer bug early on and had access to everything he needed to design and create his own clothing.

Actively pursuing both passions, but the music seems to be the first to take off on him. Aside from the slew of loose singles, Warhol released the Watch EP in February and has no plan to release another solo project anytime soon. Fortunately, Warhol is setting out to make a hit and won't be sitting on any hot records. If he makes some heat like he did yesterday with "No Matching", he's going to serve it up to his growing fan base immediately. 

While the future is uncertain for young Warhol, he seems committed to making good music and we'll certainly be listening and updating you along the way. Get to the know a little more about WARHOL.SS below in a short Q&A we did with the artist on the rise.  

When did you begin recording music and what inspired you to go that route?

I started recording music when I was a junior in high school, but didn't take it seriously until I moved to Atlanta my senior year. Looking at the way Pro Era was coming up inspired me as a shorty to pursue music.

You've been releasing music pretty consistently this past year, and have amassed quite the following. Was there any particular moment that you remember things beginning to change?

After my senior year, Allan Kingdom & Icytwat discovered my song "heavystain" and shared it on Twitter. Icytwat reposted my song on his soundcloud, which brought me a decent ass amount of attention. Everything has been up from there.

You were recently named a Red Bull Sound Select artist and shared the stage with Bobby Raps and Soulja Boy. How did that turn out? 

I shook the stage as hard as I could pretty much lol. I came out with the energy and the crowd received me very nicely. The whole performance was perfect in my eyes aside from security being too strict lol.

Can we expect to see you performing around Chicago and elsewhere this summer?

Hell yeah. That's all I can say lol.

We've heard you talk about new videos on the way via Twitter. Can you tell us about what we can expect from you next? 

Yeah I just shot the "Juelz Santana" video. "Speed Racer" is next.