Instrumental Insight • Sage Nebulous

Age: 25 • Neighborhood: Rogers Park • Follow: Twitter // SoundCloud

Sage Nebulous is a Chicago-based producer who may or may not be on your radar. Lurking in the anime-riddled depths of the internet underground, the talented producer has one hell of a following on SoundCloud, but has yet to really be known within the Windy City.

That being said, one might say that he has a cult following. Sage has been known to work with artists like Vagabond Maurice and Sage the 64th Wonder, as well as various others that full under the collective umbrellas of Muten Blvck, Terra Godz, OnSol, Slumpgang777, and more. It's hard to keep up with these affiliations and collaborations, but Sage Nebulous is worthy of individual publication for this week's Instrumental Insight as he recently delivered with a new EP and a debut music video.

The EP is known as Vibrations and this all makes sense when you see his philosophical, spiritual, and positive Twitter feed, one that hones in on meditation and inner peace. The first time that I met him, he lit some new incense that he had purchased that day.

In regards to the sounds of the Sage: Vibrations is a seven song EP, one that takes to the futuristic nightclubs within the sweaty corners of Tokyo, feeling like a dance montage in an anime that has yet to be released. His songs are synth heavy and full of funk and have names like “Are My Memes Too Dank?” and “Aquatic Mine”. Be sure to listen to the EP all the way through. Once the seven songs are finished, you might find yourself dancing on top of your bed, pissing off the neighbors.

On top of the EP, Sage also gave us a music video for “Watching Anime with Waifu”, which showcases a nightcrawler tagging up the streets and trying not to get caught. It gives the sense of a found footage video and fits the intimacy and vibes that Sage creates through his music.

A Chicago resident, all of this creativity and individuality and more right around the corner from where you live. Sage Nebulous should be a name that you begin to hear about more and more. If you need more, be sure to check out his submission for our newest (and first) compilation album, Tokens, which was released yesterday.