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Photos by Katrina Tarzian

Age: 20 • Neighborhood: Logan Square • Follow: Soundcloud / Twitter

At only 20 years old Qari has already experienced more than most will in a lifetime. Just over three years ago, I met Qari Delaney, then known only as Carl. He alongside friends Loud Mouth, Jessiath and Mulatto Beats, got on a lot of radars with their work as Supreme Regime. Qari and Mulatto later moved on to work with Supa Bwe as Hurt Everybody, where all three glo'd way up in just over two years.

Essential Listens

Qari became a force alongside Supa Bwe, providing more complex yet laid back lyrical content to Supa's apex instinct and crazy melodies. The trio went on to release two full length projects, their self titled debut and 2K47both of which were released on July 4th 2014 and 2015 respectively. Hurt flooded the internet between albums with a slew of content featuring Chicago names like Alex Wiley, Mick Jenkins and Twista just to name a few. Hurt Everybody's music gained attention from national media almost immediately, and the guys went on to sell out shows filled with a dedicated and energetic fan base. 

At their peak, Hurt Everybody split early this year with a rumored collaboration project with Mick Jenkins that went down with the ship. Trumped up to creative differences, Supa Bwe pursued a solo career, while Qari and Mulatto continue to record and perform with one another. Leaving a substantial catalog of music in their wake, Hurt Everybody is no more, but plenty of music has been released by all parties since the split. 

While Supa often released solo material during Hurt's run, Qari was pretty quiet on the solo front aside from Data, a three track EP he released in December of 2014. That trend could not be more different now. Over the past several months, Qari hit the ground running with a collection of loose tracks and a Yakub directed video for "Caterpillar Butterfly" featuring young Qari's beautiful daughter Loti. There's a solo project in the works, but nothing is certain yet, just a hoard of dope music you may or may not ever hear. Just know that Qari is staying very busy and you'll hear plenty from him in the near future. Catch Qari performing live at Reggies April 15th alongside Kweku Collins and others for Kweku's Nat Love release party. Get tickets for the show and listen to some of our favorite Qari cuts above.