Drop Pin • Yakub Films

If you make a habit of following the music scene here in Chicago with any kind of regularity, you've likely come across the name Yakub Films. The up and coming director has made waves across the city since arriving a few years ago and together with a talented team of collaborators, has developed one of the more distinct and endearing aesthetics when it comes to directors locally. Always on the move whether he's shooting photo and video for recaps of shows, linking with fellow creatives to work on something new and exciting or find time for his own personal endeavors, Yak is certainly finding his groove amongst Chicago's increasingly crowded visual side. Having worked with dude on several projects over the last year, including our debut feature on The O'My's back in September, we already know dude is poised for big things and decided to tap him to bring back our fledgling Drop Pin series. Without further ado, we give you the best of the best the city has to offer, as seen through the lens of Yakub Films.

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Zaytune Mediterranean

This is that joint. You can max a lot and still walk out feeling light. Lock yourself up a grilled Lamb Schwarma wrap and tie it up with the garlic herb fries. The fries come with this plumb sauce that will have you salivating every time you think of Zaytune. Go in the summertime, bring your friends, put your phones down and eat outside.


Lo Dona Torta

Holy shit man. Ever had the munchies and want every kind of taco all in one? La Dona Torta will do that for you and then some. Hit the blunt and go max with the squad. They bring out tons of salsas and pickled carrots while you choose from the biggest, most jam-packed torta to ever exist. No torta goes without three kinds of meat and a hotdog on top. Be careful though, if you eat too much you will be La Donna Night Night!


Odd Machine Production Studios

"Where the magic happens" does not even suffice. Our team is small and elite and our studio is Kick Ass! 3D Animations, stop-motion films, music videos, commercials, you name it we do it. The best part though, is the space. You can play floor hockey or start up a game of pool while waiting for the client to call back. Super fun fact: Saba's music video "TimeZone" was shot there.