Instrumental Insight • BoatHouse

Photo by  Allison Gretchko

Age: 22 • Neighborhood: Wicker Park • Follow: Twitter // SoundCloud

BoatHouse is properly making a name for himself. Chock-full of space cadet instrumentals and cloud rap insight, the 20-something producer has been doing damage since officially signing to Closed Sessions last year. The Minnesota transplant first began as an intern over at Soundscape Studios, but his instrumentals were too flammable to turn him away after his semester was over. In that short amount of time, a great deal of output has happened.

Acting as a bit of a recap, We heard the Closed Sessions compilation Spicy Caliente, where BoatHouse had two songs. We heard him help out on oddCouple's Chatterbox and Kweku's Say It Here, While It's Safe EP. Following that rundown, we heard BoatHouse's instrumental GIRL EP, a debut of sorts, which demands a playback (or six). Now, following it all up in proper fashion, we get Hibernation, a four song EP.

With only one instrumental, the remaining three tracks feature BoatHouse compadres Kipp Stone and Kweku Collins (both also part of Closed Sessions) as well as Drea Smith and Allan Kingdom. The chemistry is obvious here, as BoatHouse manages to turn vocals into instruments, crafting an assortment of waterfall landscapes through the black hole of hip-hop. This whole EP is smooth as hell and it's even more respectable when, two weeks ago, BoatHouse began sending the EP to friends and fans alike who felt like listening. A sneak peek, if you will. Having already listened multiple times, Hibernation is finally released to the masses.

The EP acts as a further portfolio booster, one that will skyrocket BoatHouse into 2016. It even comes with a free download, complete with an additional zip file of some rare BoatHouse goodies. Very rare. Looking down the road of 2016, I smell a full-length not too far away for BoatHouse. Until that time arrives, I'm sure plenty of more loose singles and drops will make their way into your ears courtesy of your knockoff Beats by Dre speakers.

Enjoy both BoatHouse's new EP and our 'Essential Listens' playlist, as we felt it necessary to embed both for this particular Instrumental Insight column. Lastly, if you need even more BoatHouse, be sure to check out his mini mix that he crafted through Permute Clothing. It's a thirteen minute track that features half a dozen instrumentals from the Boat that acts as a House.