Yung Creatives • Al Cheekz

Photo by Marcus Stabenow

Yung Creatives is a monthly panel curated and hosted by These Days' Jake Krez at Soho House Chicago. To provide added insight on the talented young people taking the stage during the next discussion, we've decided to pair the event with a series of digital features. Over the upcoming weeks, we'll turn the spotlight on each member of the forthcoming panel one at a time.

Each month brings a new batch of yung creatives, and we're here to introduce you to each participant before having the opportunity to hear them speak at Soho House the last Monday of the month. Feburary has stacked lineup, and it starts with Al Cheekz who will be providing the sounds for the evening. While nice on the tables, Al Cheekz' talents don't stop there. A classically trained musician, Al's love for music began in St. Louis, with jazz catching his ear above all else. A firm base, the jazz influence has carried into his work as a producer. So if you're doing the math, there's not much Al Cheekz can't do in the music world. 

Can't put Al Cheekz in the rookie category, he's been making music for a while and has already amassed a four project catalog since 2013. Although his content was always strong, his music hasn't caught on with a larger audience yet. In fact, Al addresses this in his most recent release Beginning of NothingThe album was named after Al Cheekz turning to a new page in his career, one where he would stand out among his peers and be heard for the honest and complex nature of his music. As a young artist, it may get discouraging being overlooked, but those tales of overnight success are few and far between.

Al Cheekz made his way to Chicago from St. Louis right after high school. Although not that far from home base, Al didn't have family or a support system here. He enrolled in school and got to work. The music scene here in Chicago was something that appealed to Al, and it continues to do so several years later. Whether it's a remixes or original production, Al Cheekz is proficient at it. The limelight hasn't been focused on Al Cheekz, but like many Yung Creatives, it's not always about recognition, but rather the product of the creative's unique set of inspirations. The eyes and ears of music fans have time to catch up.

Listen to some of Al Cheekz most recent original music above and pop by Soho House to meet him in person on February 29th. 

Photos by PaintYourChips

Photos by PaintYourChips