"New York Nights" & The Evolution of Taylor Bennett

Photo by Phil Shaw

Photo by Phil Shaw

Taylor Bennett is making moves. The Chicago artist has seen nothing but progress over the last fews years, taking on the herculean task of coming out from under the most like-able shadow in America. And he's doing it. The first song I ever heard of his, "Speed Racer", came out three years ago, clear proof that the talent has been there since day one. Now he's making a strong statement with "New York Nights", his new track, released a year to the day after his head turning project Broad Shoulders. His battle has been one of self-definition and perseverance - he's got the goods, but people had to listen. As "New York Nights" explains, there was a point this summer when he feared he may have to stop fighting the fight before it was won. 

Says Taylor, "It’s a song about me coming through New York and going through a lot. My back was against the wall when I found out I had a blood clot. There was a lot going on in my life, and I thought it was only right to use that single to start the project off – it’s kind of an ongoing theme of never giving up throughout the project"

The issue wasn't simply a matter of health. It was a matter of actualizing his goals - a mile a minute rapper and freestyle extraordinaire who no longer could control his breathing. An artist with a voice, at risk of losing the ability to use it.

"I was just working really, really hard. I was in New York, I was by myself. We had sold out SOBs but that hadn't happened yet, so I knew I had a big show coming up. I was gasping for air on the left side of my body. I was going to sleep and waking up and literally couldn't breathe. I was just working really hard and basically crying because I was thinking to myself, "I hope this isn't the last song", that the situation doesn't impair me as a performer. It was really hard man."

Taylor made it out the other side, and he wants the world to know he's ready to take 2017 by a storm. An artists experiences are expressed and the listener sees, hears, feels the change. Taylor's music is transforming before our very eyes. He's got a new, yet untitled project dropping soon, and what better track to let the world know than this one.

"Life experiences, growing up, going through a lot. The vibe of this project is more a perspective of me as a person, exactly what I'm going through and a lot more direct. That's why I also felt that this should be the first single put out for the project....I think people are going to be in for a very big surprise when the project drops. So different, so new, the growth will always stay there, stay present. I'll always be Taylor Bennett but I've gone through different stages and areas of my life, there will be something new that I've learned and the experience will always change."

You can hear it in "New York Nights", which premiered on Sway in the Morning and via Complex. The song was coordinated through a new app called Treble.FM, used to place help musicians find other musicians for the benefit of creation. With New York artists such as Stro, Jordan Bratton and more, the group of mostly strangers got together in an NY basement and made it happen. The surface of the track shines with pop and dance, but underneath it all Taylor Bennett bravely shares one of his most personal struggles.

It's a direct line to his mind and heart that we hadn't necessarily heard yet from the young rapper, but we're hearing it now, loud and clear. And if you want to hear it in person, there's a hell of an opportunity to do so coming very soon - Taylor Bennett's Holday Bash, December 23rd at the Metro. General admission $15 ($18 day of), and an intimate upper balcony VIP experience for $41. Featuring Taylor, Supa Bwe, Elz The DJ and a very special guest. It won't be one to miss.