ChiBrations • Rhea The Second

Update: Following up her debut appearance last week, Rhea The Second follows up with another live performance to wrap up ChiBrations in 2016. Although Rhea chose to blend her latest release into her cover song last week, she's returned with another recently released single called "Get Up". Opening up the single with her soft vocals, Rhea's voice and the general tone of the song gets increasingly more intense throughout, peaking at the very end with a dramatic breakdown. The live performance is significantly different than the recorded version in my opinion, but the added elements are very welcomed. It's evident that Rhea is still just getting comfortable with her relatively new band and direction, but she seems to be embracing this new path.

As we wrap up our year, as does the ChiBrations crew with one last introduction. For the month of December, singer Rhea The Second steps into the spotlight. Detroit born and currently Chicago based, Rhea The Second has had music in her life from the jump, and has used everything she knows to find the lane she's currently occupying. Her music is rife full of spacey and ambient melodies paired with thought provoking vocals, all of which are created by Rhea, that paint a vivid picture of multitalented artist's journey.

In part one of her ChiBrations feature, Rhea introduces herself and her band in the short introduction interview above and dives headfirst into a combination of her original song "Running" and a cover of "Careless" by Muhsinah. All the ChiBrations' featured artists perform these cover songs with their own unique flare, but Rhea took it to a new level by blending in her latest release as the performance's intro. Joined by her band made up of Michael Cantella on bass, Xavier Galdon on synth/drum machine, Xantia Grant on keys and Gabe Wallace on drums, Rhea The Second offers up a live performance both performed and recorded at Soap Box Studios on Chicago's west side. 

Like all featured artists in this series, Rhea will be back shortly with another exclusive performance. Although Rhea's solo catalog is fairly small, this young band has an incredible sound that should not be ignored. Enjoy the videos above and below and be sure to check out Rhea's Soundcloud to get all caught up on what she's been up to this past year.