Looking Ahead • Late Notice with L.A. VanGogh @ Subterranean

These Days just premiered one of the best projects we've had on the site yet, and now there's a corresponding show to go with it, one that you absolutely won't want to miss. The EP in question is from L.A. VanGogh, titled Friends First, a project dedicated to collaboration, emphasizing the work of his friends and peers and how it makes him better as a musician. It was an absolute doozy, and over 4 tracks, it's hard to even say what the best part of the project is. Could it be L.A. VanGogh's maximalist hooks. His verses that flip the ethereal tracks upside down with bars as grounded as you're going to find? Or maybe the innovative production that turns heads multiple times per track? Of course, the answer is "all of the above". 

His performances are said to be quite the experience, and coming off such a fantastic release you can expect the same for Monday night. The lineup speaks for itself. For only $7 ($10 at the door), you'll be graced with performances from artists on the cutting edge of Chicago music, openers including UG Vavy, Calez, Joseph Chilliams and Via Rosa, as well as DJ sets by Ambi Lyrics and Nosidam. To say nothing of what they will be building up to, L.A. VanGogh, a performer I have never seen live but who's sound is sure to translate in the intimate setting of Wicker Park's Subterranean. Hosted by Private Stock, Ovrlord and These Days, Late Notice with L.A. VanGogh is not going to be a show you want to miss. Monday night or not, get off the couch, turn off football and do something special.  Concert is on Monday, Dec. 5th, doors at 7PM, 17+.