Drop Pin • Bryan Allen Lamb

It's been a minute since we last offered up a Drop Pin, but our regular feature returns this week revamped and with a familiar face giving the recommendations. Photographer Bryan Allen Lamb has been a regular around the city's music and arts scene since arriving in town for school at Columbia College in 2011. After quickly dipping out of school, Lamb immersed himself in the scene, working early on with the likes of ShowYouSuck, Treated Crew and Jugrnaut and many others and has since grown into one of the most recognizable names in the game today. Recently named one of Chicago Magazine's feature on local creatives that also counted The Social Experiment, Jamila Woods and Austin Vesely, Lamb has established himself as one of the pre-eminent visual artists operating within the Renaissance. He's come a long way from the days of picking him up after work at Alcala's Boots to go shoot interviews for the Sun-Times and is a perfect candidate for our latest Drop Pin. Check out Bryan's picks below and click here to view our interactive map of all of our past participant's choices from all across Chicago.

The Whistler


Milkmaid is no longer on the menu but that's always been my favorite one. They always change up the menu and I used to go up there all the time when I lived that way. Cool back area and you can catch some good shows over there sometimes. 



PBR is $2, the 16 oz not the small one and it's on draft too, so that makes it an easy favorite. They used to have potato corquettes that they recently took off the menu but the specials are great and the staff is awesome. Plus they have a Walking Dead pinball machine. 

Dodd Camera


Dodd Camera's dope. It's a one-stop shop, rent gear, buy backdrops. The staff over there is really good and know what they're doing. They're also opening a studio space you can rent out which is really dope too. 

Museum of Contemporary Art


The David Bowie exhibit there was really cool, as was the Jamila Woods and Noname show that was there a couple weeks ago. It's cool that you can catch a really cool exhibit and then also see some local up and coming artists. It's a cool best of both worlds thing.