Looking Ahead • Them Flavors & Resource Presents The Function


Them Flavors continues to impress in the Chicago music and event landscape, with an upcoming show this Friday that will grab anyone who loves the city’s creative eclecticism. At these parties you can always expect a whirlwind of beats spanning across all genre, in the medium that could generally be described as club music, from some of the most capable DJ’s Chicago has to offer. These are spin artists, weaving organic excitement that far exceeds even the biggest “drop”. The Function will feature the handiwork of Them Flavors stalwarts Composuresquad and Ricky One Time, and for the first time I’ve seen, with rappers featured as well. Yes, we’re excited. 

The show will be featuring Saint Icky (and friends), UG Vavy, MWII, & more on the mic, in addition to the previously mentioned DJ’s. An eclectic group of local rappers joining forces with this Them Flavors crew is a great thing to see, and the diversity of acts means you can look forward to a party filled with sounds across the board. For UG Vavy and Saint Icky in particular, their left field approaches to rap, unconventional and forward thinking, are going to be a seamless fit for this show, and I'd venture that the same could be said about the other acts as well. The end product is sure to be a night of non-stop movement. 

Music isn’t all the party has to offer. There will be art on display and for sale, and most importantly a raffle raising money for Chicago non-profit Foundations Of Music. Foundations Of Music is a group dedicated to the mission of spreading access to music education, and through that the opportunity for creative expression. Operating since 1988, and since 2014 as Foundations Of Music specifically, they serve more than 7000 kids annually across 30 different Chicago Public Schools. It's a great time for an even better cause. If you're waffling, check out Them Flavors recent compilation Distinct Periods {TF019} above and see if you're ready for something unique. 

The show is this Friday, December 2nd, at The Black Couch Studio & Gallery, 4200 West Diversey Avenue. RSVP here for free entry between 9-10, or $10 at the door. 21+.