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Names: Marshall & Parker Mulherin • Residence: New Orleans • Follow: Twitter // SoundCloud

Mulherin is more than a last name. Made up of identical twin brothers Marshall and Parker, Mulherin is also a musical duo. Lush R&B, future soul, flavorful moves that might get your lover in the mood. Handling all writing, vocal, and production duties on their own, the two talents (originally from Memphis) have released eight of their own tracks (that are available publicly, at least), all the while hopping on a few by some of their friends. Beginning to take it seriously in 2013, the two have since gained a significant following, working with names like Pell and Jon Waltz, while also becoming student alumni of the sought after Red Bull Music Academy. From collaborative singles to independent releases, relaxation lounge grooves to thumping future bass, the twins take the helm and run wild, with every song remaining its own unique experience. I would clump Mulherin in the same category as acts like Harrison Brome and Iris Temple, in the best of ways. The smoothest of smooth. Right off the bat, for example, the song "Leagues", Mulherin's most recent, became one of my favorites of the year. I don't expect that to change any time soon.

One of Mulherin's more notable collaborations (how I found out about them, at least) is Froyo Ma, who was a Respect the Neighbors inclusion back in November. The three artists released the track "believe N luv" with The Architek last year; the harmonies on the chorus have yet to leave my brain. 

Tossing all of their available tracks into a playlist, you can enjoy Tell a Friend up above. If you're unfamiliar with Mulherin, it can be a means of an introduction like it was for me. Or, if you're already a self-proclaimed fan, it can act as a means of packaging what already exists, filling the void until a proper project is inevitably released. While I'm not sure what that will entail (a quick EP? a full-length?), know that it'll be hot as some silk too close to the fireplace.

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