ChiBrations • Adam Ness

It's about that time again and ChiBrations is back with a new artist to familiarize yourself with for October. This month the ChiBrations collective highlights Adam Ness, a transplant from Detroit now living in Chicago. Adam has history in the gospel movement and even made the move to Chicago with the intentions of releasing music as part of a gospel group that never quite took off.

The group may not have manifested into what Adam had expected, but that wasn't keeping him from taking his gospel influences and incorporating it into his solo sound. While not labeling himself a gospel artist, it is among the genres that plays a part in molding his unique sound. You can experience his solo music via the High Places EP he released in 2014, and be on the lookout for a followup soon, but today it's all about Prince. 

For Adam's ChiBrations cover, he chose to perform Prince's "Lets Go Crazy" off the iconic Purple Rain album. Joined at Soapbox Studios by Lindon McCarty (guitar), Andrew Lawrence (Keys), Korron Blalark (Bass), Greg Essig (Drums), Angèle Anise (supporting vocals); Adam and the band pay homage to the musical legend with a stellar rendition of the song.

Check back in a couple weeks for a live performance of the title track from his High Places EP.