Yung Creatives • Loona Dae, UG Vavy & Olivia Goodman

Once a month, Westley J Parker and myself get together at Soho House Chicago with a desk, a laptop, a few mics and a couch to highlight some of the abundant talent emerging all around us in the form of our Yung Creatives talk show which continues moving into Season 2 with a special Halloween episode this month. As Fall creeps in, celebrate the crazy weekend and toast to the hibernation period of creativity in the city by getting in tune with a cross-section of the city's talented females. Joining us on the show this month are none other than rapper/singer/producer Loona Dae of The Highness Collective, designer/owner and purveyor of the OG Brand, Olivia Goodman and Chicago's own fashionista, Lauren Fern. To get you in tune with the guests ahead of seeing them live onstage we put together a little cheat sheet below. Get to know some more players within the Chicago Renaissance and make sure to hit us up for RSVP to the actual event, October 31!

Loona Dae

There's a skill that many take for granted; sticking around. As people evolve, grow and change they often forget their own origin story, floating away into a personal abyss. For local artist Loona Dae, that hasn't been a problem at all. One of the most consistent names you'll see across all sorts of credits around the city, the Highness Collective member and emerging solo act has managed to stay firmly within herself while evolving in a multitude of ways, in turn becoming one of the city's more exciting young talents.

UG Vavy


A name that has hung around the Chicago scene for some time now, UG Vavy has carved a lane unto himself over the course of the last year or two. Operating from just outside the reach of the city, Vavy has capitalized on several talented collaborations, in the process joining up with Supa Bwe for a brief spell as Fight Me before scurrying through the summer with an increasingly packed lineup of shows and events. Currently working on a proper full-length debut, Vavy arrives at the Soho House Music Room with a head full of steam and plenty of accolades right within reach. 

Olivia Goodman

If you've been around the scene at all, there's a good chance you've stumbled across the works of longtime local Olivia Goodman, who's used her initials to establish one of the city's hottest rising brands. At 23, the Chicago native has built a following around her eclectic collections which have been released since 2014 under the 'OG' moniker. Since stepping out with her own brand, Goodman has become an integral part of the scene at-large through her work with the Social Experiment, Bucketfeet, Cliché and many more at the center of culture creation in the Second City. Earlier this year, she unveiled a new t-shirt line that continued to play on her penchant for simplistic yet striking design elements and is currently setting her sights to a new drop projected for just after the new year. True to the sentiment of many in her direct periphery, Goodman has existed with several titles since first getting involved. Having worked as a stylist, event planner, entrepreneur and everything in between while collaborating with some of the city's biggest names, it'll only be a matter of time before the whole city knows who 'OG' is.