Respect The Neighbors • Peyton

Age: 18 • Hometown: Houston, TX • Follow: Twitter // Soundcloud

Peyton is a Houston bred vocalist and a part of the musical collective Milky Wayv. The group released their first project The Best Mixtape You Ever Heard, last summer. Following a release from the collective, Peyton ventured off to work on her own sound, using her hypnotic voice to take you on a journey of what the ups and downs of being in love feel like using her 7 song EP Rollercoaster as the vehicle for her stories. 

Peyton's debut EP impacted last December and begins in the early stages of a relationship, capturing the thrill and excitement of meeting someone new and interesting in Rollercoaster's intro, "Aerial".  Scored by producer Bobby Earth, "Aerial" features a sample of Minnie Rippleton’s “Inside My Love”. The EP begins in a warm and vibrant place, but like the title might indicate, there are some dips along the way. 

Rollercoaster ends with an aggressive dive. Like any good rollercoaster though, this drop is something you've been anticipating and when it's over, it's what makes you get right back in line to do it all over again. With tracks like “Jelly” about moving on from a relationship and “2 AM” which Peyton wrote when she was just 17-years-old and upset about someone not answering her phone calls, the music is catered to a young ear that can relate to the strong emotions early relationships tend to conjure up.

Aside from being the voice throughout Rollercoaster, Peyton also took part in producing a track called "Rivers”, a dreamy accapella set over the sounds of a river or stream. Makes sense right? The majority of Rollercoaster is produced by Bobby Earth, another member of the Milky Wayv collective and also a Houston resident. 

Only one project in and Peyton is making an impact on a Houston scene that isn't always recognized for it's honest love ballads. The singer/songwriter with an extensive musical background as a classically trained violin and piano player, has something new offer and its evident that she and her crew aim to break the mold of what Houston music is. While we've included a few of our favorite tracks above, be sure to spend a little time with Rollercoaster and all the other Milky Wayv  offerings on their Soundcloud page.