Instrumental Insight • 「lasko」

Age: 20 • Neighborhood: Lincoln Park • Follow: Twitter // SoundCloud

I first met Chicago producer lasko (all lowercased) in the attic of Netherfriends, back in the summer of 2014. He arrived with a ladyfriend and a backpack which assuredly contained some of his equipment. Maybe a Maschine, maybe an MPC. I never found out because he remained silent in that attic, politely quiet and shy, eyeing the work of Netherfriends and rappers that came and went to and from the microphone. 

Since that time, lasko has grown significantly as a producer, both technically and in the public's eye. From focusing on smooth jazz and soul samples, looping vintage numbers that grabbed his attention, lasko is now straying away from the samples and forming his own compositions. Working alongside fellow producers like Jaro (of Beach Jesus) and Elias Abid, he is properly progressing as an artist, one who has yet to legally sip alcohol. 

As lasko prepares to release his upcoming album, Iru, it's important to revisit his vast back catalog. Most recently, he produced an entire project for TheseDays favorite rapper Femdot. The two released Insight back in June and we haven't stopped listening. On top of that collaborative EP, lasko has also released numerous instrumental projects, like J a z z i s, as well as a Chicago conceptual project, one that you probably won't be able to find online. 

Perhaps his biggest song at the moment is “Asisine”, the 2014 posse cut between Frank Leone, Monster Mike, and Kolby Woods. He also gained attention with his production assistance on “Aloe BB”, the track with Beach Jesus and Elias Abid. These songs have all given plenty of attention in the direction of lasko, but he seems to still be on the threshold of the world, ready to jump and see if his wings properly work. Look out for much more from this young talented producer while enjoying our 'Essential Listens' playlist.