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Photo by  Liam Trumble

Photo by Liam Trumble

Age: 19 • Neighborhood: Hoffman Estates • Follow: Twitter // SoundCloud

I've been familiar with Chicago producer Dougy for a little less than a year. As I was preparing to release my Chicago instrumental compilation W3NDCH3LL last year, he sent me a batch of submissions. Although I was only able to choose one track, he sent me enough heat for a strong EP. I've been keeping track of his movements ever since.

The producer might not be the most well known artist in Chicago, but he's only nineteen and he's been steadily gaining traction through soulful and smooth sample-based pieces. He released a full-length last year called Growth that properly highlights his smoked-out, meditative style. With features Dally Auston, Angel Davanport, New Kingz, and more, the 20 song project is ambitious and alive. Along with Growth, he also fully produced an EP by OnGaud member SolarFive called Original Soul, a seven song project that I still find myself going back to. Defcee and SolarFive over Dougy production is about as smooth as it gets. 

Most recently, however, Dougy has been crafting instrumentals alongside producer NversivE, a name perhaps best known for working with Ravyn Lenae on her newest single "ICanNeverFindaRideBack". Together, Dougy and NversivE have eights songs on SoundCloud, accumulating on the playlist Peasants. Released over the last couple months, who knows how many they have sitting in the vault.

Another interesting and unique collaboration from Dougy comes in the form of "Sfumato". Dougy and RVMOR crafted the instrumental while director Liam Trumble flew around the streets of Chicago and captured the nighttime vibes. Pitched as "A 48 Hour Experiment", the instrumental number soundtracks the black and white coverage. I'm not sure about much from the pianist RVMOR, but we covered him earlier on TheseDays and knowing that he's working with Dougy means that he's in good company.

Expect much, much more from Dougy in 2016. He already dropped a single this year called "Calm" and I'm sure he has more right around the corner. Until then, enjoy our 'Essential Listens' playlist. Don't sleep.

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