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Photo by Will Hoopes

Age: 19  Neighborhood: South Side • Follow: Twitter // Soundcloud

Rocking his now signature pink dreads and an always fashionable style, it would be highly unlikely not to recognize Adamn Killa out and about. With a baritone voice that often immerses itself into heavy bass and dream-like production, his music has a similar effect on listeners as his songs carry a sound that belongs exclusively to him; a sound that is rarely ever adequately replicated.

Adamn is still a young prospect from the city's South Side, but he's been around since his breakout hit “Wanna Ball” dropped on Youtube in 2014. Since that time, he's consistently provided entrancing records that have earned him a niche but passionate following. The topics he speaks on do not divert too far away from money, designer wear, and ballin' on his competition, but this is done with unparalleled conviction and he never fails to smoothly ride instrumentals with his hypnotic flow. Whenever you’re doubting yourself or feel overly worried about other people's opinions, I recommend you listen to Adamn on loop and remind yourself of how awesome you truly are as you sing along to lines such as, “It’s hard not to look, when I look like a star,” “I know who I am, that’s why I’m walking with a limp”, or any of the other dozen self-esteem boosting statements delivered in every song of his.

In 2015, Adamn released several projects, loosies, and collaborations with fellow 197 representatives that pushed forward his steady rise in the local scene and helped him reach a million plays on SoundCloud. While WHODEYWANT Vol. 2 and Libra Season (fully produced by Blank Body) did a solid job translating his eccentric personality into a full body of work with their own unique tweaks and experimentation, In Adamn We Trust has to be the standout project from the Chicago rapper. It featured production from his most trusted collaborators (Hippie Dream, h!tkidd and Blank Body), he gave a nice shout-out to his mom in “New House,” while “Feeling Like I’m Ja Rule” and “Super Saying” are as entertaining as their respective titles promise. Yet above all else, Adamn sounded like he had the most possible amount of fun while recording these tracks.

A recent temporary relocation to Los Angeles provided a new creative spark for Adamn, where he released “First Day In L.A.” and Libra Season while working on his upcoming Back 2 Ballin mixtape. During that time, he also linked up with videographer Will Hoopes and shot the visuals for “What They Payin,” “Mavericks” and “Y-3.” The latter two being the lead singles for B2B and a promising preview of what he has in the vault ready to deploy in 2016.

Enjoy our 'Essential Listens' for Adamn Killa and be sure to look out for more from the pink-dreaded flow king as we move smoothly through 2016.