Looking Ahead • Closed Sessions 'Spicy Caliente' Release Show 10/1

Back before Chicago was buzzing as the center of the hip-hop world, Alex Fruchter used to team up with Michael Kolar to bring talent from around the country to collaborate and perform alongside acts from Chicago, dubbing the whole experience 'Closed Sessions'. Today, that event series has spawned a record label and, after a month of adversity, the team steps out this Thursday to celebrate the release of their collaborative project, Spicy Caliente with a free show and party at East Room (2828 W Medill Ave.) featuring labelmates Odd Couple and BoatHouse, as well as additional sets from Sahar and neonpajamas. 

Odd Couple, BoatHouse, Sahar, neonpajamas

East Room • October 1

21+ up - FREE


The project and party come at a time when the label, and labels as an entity for that matter, have come under fire, but the CS family fought off those sentiments with heat of their own on last week's release that was as much of a statement as it was a welcome update on the local imprint's three-man roster. For Zach Henderson, better known as producer Odd Couple, who has worked alongside Fruchter and Kolar for several years now, the Thursday get-together is more than just another turn up at everyone's favorite Logan Square haunt.

"The Spicy Caliente party isn’t even really a release party, its kind of a party to celebrate new beginnings," Henderson said. "We're entering a cool time of us being able to work our asses off like we have been but enjoying that shit at the same time and the Spicy Caliente party is just the ushering in of us vibing, growing, having a good ass time working and making music and just making our way."

The party is the latest installment in a consistent calendar of events for the CS crew who have been pacing much of the hip-hop community locally since the days when Ruby Hornet was still relevant, before drill came to prominence and before Chance and Vic were the biggest artists out. Continuing to foster talent in and out of town, the team has hosted events at Soho House with acts like Respect The Neighbors alumni Webster X and a steady stream of showcases and get-togethers that pull from different sides of the city. Friday night at East Room will be both a good time and a breath of fresh air, a turning of the page if you will, for Fruchter who might still be shaking off the hangover from his wedding last week at Lacuna Artist Lofts. 

One thing is for sure. BoatHouse is excited for tomorrow night.

"This event is the fefe-fication of our Spicy Caliente EP. Add one serving of great DJ's, a full stick of friends, 2 cups of Future, 3.5 tablespoons of Sean Paul and just a pinch of chili powder. Mix until complete inside at East Room."