Home Team • Ravyn Lenae

 Photo by A Zae Productions

Photo by A Zae Productions

Age: 17 • Neighborhood: South Side • Follow: Twitter // SoundCloud

Ravyn Lenae wasn't a name I was familiar with last year, but it's a name that will be all over my year-end lists for 2015. The teenage artist started making waves earlier this year and grabbed my attention when she began working with buzzing producer Monte Booker. The two released “Blossom Dearie” and “Mr. Sun” to much acclaim and I still can't stop listening.

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Following those songs, Ravyn perfected and packaged her debut EP, Moon Shoes, which was executively produced by Booker, who produced six of the eight tracks. Crafted and packaged over at Classick Studios, the poetic EP is full of daydreams and unique harmonies that properly compliment the often chaotic percussion that embodies the backdrop. From shoes meant specifically for lunar mode to trains that take her through a South American country, her heartfelt and hallucinatory lyricism is both imaginative and sincere.

The Moon Shoes EP, as well as her loose singles and her shows around the city, are further establishing Lenae as one of the more talented vocalists in Chicago. Not male, not female, just vocalists in general. With only ten songs to her name (her EP and two singles), it's safe to say that Lenae is batting 100% right now. Her clean-cut demeanor is juxtaposed by her fiery red afro and a voice that is developed years beyond her age. With a solid team around her and an endless amount of possibilities ahead of her, the sky truly does seem the limit for Ravyn Lenae.

Look out for more from her in the coming weeks and months. She has a show at Emporium with Classick Fam (Smino, Death By Icon) in October and her song “Sun” with Monte Booker just kickstarted the most recent airing of Soulection Radio. We couldn't be happier to have Ms. Lenae as part of our Home Team.