Our Take • Max Wonders: You Will Never Find

 Photo by WxIIxxm

Photo by WxIIxxm

We've covered the young Max Wonders several times in the past couple weeks. First it was "Phone Call" with Trapo, then a "Party in the Hills" followed by his first release of 2015, You Will Never Find just a couple of days back. 

Max's history with These Days may only stem back a couple of weeks from our site's launch, but as a writer and a fan, the 18 year old Chicago native originally caught my attention with his anthem "Rich Kids", a coming of age song that wasn't about guns and gangs, but rather broken homes and prescription pills. If was clear from the jump that Max Wonders had a perspective we haven't heard over and over again, and since then, he hasn't disappointed. 

Following the release of 2014's The Wonder Tape and a recent move to Los Angeles, Max continues to express his unique perspective with the release of his sophomore project You Will Never Find. Another year older, but still trying to figure out himself and how to traverse life as a young artist in a new environment, Max shares tales of his success and struggles on a sonic journey composed by Sowle, AHMD, Tommy L'aviatore, and Inkubi.

Producer Sowle takes the helm for this project, producing 5 of the 8 songs. He sets the EP's somber tone with "88 Changes" as Max spends roughly half the project struggling with the change he's experiencing. Common themes of distraction, obstacles and negative changes in relationships are shared through the Trapo assisted "Phone Call", the only feature on the EP, but following that song the project begins its upswing. Sowle makes an appearance once again in "Party in the Hills" to begin to score a happier backdrop as Max shifts gears to share stories of success, new love, and embracing life on the west coast. 

You Will Never Find shares a theme throughout of a young artist, and individual generally, that is dealing with life's trials and tribulations as best as he can. No matter what background you come from, Max's perspective is one many listeners can relate to. Regardless of what you're looking for, You Will Never Find has something to offer you, and those who have already listened seem to be embracing it. Don't be left out in the cold!    

Staff Rating • 7.5