Drop Pin • ShowYouSuck

We’re back with another Drop Pin, a recurring segment in which a few of the native homies give us the info on what they believe to be some of the “must go” locations in and around Chicago. This time around, I was blessed to pick the brain of local legend and pizza enthusiast, ShowYouSuck. Surprisingly, a pizza spot didn't make the cut, but check out what did below.

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The Artpentry (Art + Carpentry) is a lot like the name would imply. I’ve been over there working with Floyd A. Davis for the last six years, and a lot of the more iconic things I’ve been known for come from that gallery (props, videos, music, etc). Come by 19th and Halsted in the Pilsen art district on Second Friday and check out some of cool stuff we build in the back!


Sam’s Chicken and Ribs

With a cheap menu, fast service and no real nutritional value to speak of, I’m drawn to Sam’s because it reminds me of the food I used to eat in Bellwood growing up. There isn’t anything too radical about the spot itself, but the staff very awesome and their Indian menu is insane. Biryani for days.


The Crib

I love the diversity of Edgewater, and the energy there is so relaxed. The crib is actually where I like to spend most of my time, as it is very conducive to chilling which is very important to me. It’s also where I form most of my ideas. I have led lights,a washer and dryer, and most importantly my girlfriend is there. Also there is a gym!