Respect The Neighbors • WebsterX

Photo by Sara Carter

Photo by Sara Carter

Age: 22  •  Hometown: Milwaukee, WI •  Follow: Twitter // Soundcloud

WebsterX has had a riveting past two years. Since releasing his debut mixtape, Desperate Youth, in the fall of 2013, the Milwaukee creative has done nothing but climb. While he has yet to release a follow-up to that project, he has instead conducted a series of visuals that have given him more and more fans every day. From the cloudy effects of “Renaissance” to the smash hit (a surprise even to him) of “Doomsday” to his newest anthem “Lately”, every move by Web has been premeditated and concise. Although he reps Milwaukee, he’s been known to frequent Chicago, performing alongside artists like Mick Jenkins and Saba. He’s even been featured on a couple of Windy City projects by Closed Sessions artists Odd Couple (“ChillyChilly” off of Chatterbox LP) and Kweku Collins (“Never Say Die” off of Say it Here, While it’s Safe EP).

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With his New Age Narcissism (NAN) team by his side (including ladyfriend and stunning vocalist Siren as well as countless other musicians and vocalists), WebsterX seems invincible. He won the AfroPunk artist vote earlier this summer but turned down the offer in order to focus on his hometown’s music festival (Summerset), where it looks like it paid off, with images of the buzzing artist relaxing backstage with Earl Sweatshirt.

While no release date is in line for Webster’s follow up to Desperate Youth, know that he’s less desperate these days, but still hungry as ever. More collected, more ready for stardom. Despite the fame and the buzz, WebsterX still represents the philosophy that a brand new fan and a superstar should be treated with the same consideration and respect; no one is too small to dismiss and no one is too large to be out of reach.

The Midwest is already becoming WebsterX’s territory, now it’s only a matter of time before the rest of the country (and the globe) follow the Milwaukee movement.