Drop Pin • Rich Jones

Photo by Brent Butcher

Photo by Brent Butcher

Drop Pin is a running feature in which we enlist some of our Chicago friends to take us on a tour of some of their favorite spots in and around Chicago. For our inaugural guest, we ask a seasoned veteran of all things Chicago, Rich Jones, to be our tour guide. Rich's selections are proof that this segment has the potential to be an amazing way to get to know our participants as well as discover some places that are off the beaten path. Rich eats, drinks, and has a laugh below, scroll down for his picks.  


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La Patisserie P.

Off the Argyle Red is a spot so special: La Patisserie P., a Euro-Asian bakery specializing in all manners of croissants, buns, cakes, etc. Their Al Pastor torto is, without question, the best torta on the North side (s/o Carmella's). Cheap and delicious, I recommend the shumai and BBQ pork buns. 


Green Eye

Long day at the mill/cubicle/host stand? Need a place to have a drink and a laugh? If you find yourself at the intersection of Homer and Western, the Green Eye is for you. I personally go for the $2 Old Milwaukee's and solid tunes on the speakers. I usually bring in either some shrimp from Frank's Red Hot's or pick up a curry wurst from the DönerMen truck which parks out there on Mondays. 


Shit Hole

A few years ago, I was invited by a friend to a DIY comedy show in Logan Square. The name of the show? Shit Hole. Featuring a rotating cast of comedians, improv groups, and more, this has easily become one of my favorite events to frequent. While the location is a secret, it isn't too hard to figure out and is well worth the search.