Drop Pin • AyKid Shots

AyKid Shots aka. Roger Morales

AyKid Shots aka. Roger Morales

Drop Pin is a running feature in which we enlist some of our Chicago friends to take us on a tour of their favorite spots in and around Chicago.  Our most recent tour guide is Roger Morales aka AyKid Shots. Spanning from his home in Albany Park to the Loop, Pilsen and Humboldt Park, AyKid isn't playing favorites with one particular neighborhood. AyKid is a professional behind a camera lens, but he's also well versed in good food and tight fades. Scroll down and let AyKid Shots instill some knowledge on you.

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Papa's Cache Sabroso

"If you give me the choice between deep dish or jibarito I'll always swing towards the Humboldt Park made steak and cheese sandwich. Papa's makes my favorite jibarito dinner plate. To me Chicago is represented by family and mom and pops restaurants and Papa's is just that. The vibes are like your mama is whipping it all up in the kitchen as soon as you get back from school. Trust bring your bae here for that quick bite and y'all will be hit with the itis then go home for a night of Netflix and Chill."


Great Sea Chinese Restaurant

"Albany Park, along with Irving Park, are the neighborhood's I grew up in Chicago. What I love most about those hoods was the diversity, that word means everything to me for my city. With diversity comes so many different restaurants: Greek, middle eastern, Asian, Mexican, Filipino, and Gutamallen. Golden Sea is a testament of the heat that my home neighborhood packs. Roll in the there with an appetite and order their chicken wings. Don't be shy to get your fingers dirty because this is going to be worth it. Also like my homie Phred said, bring your bae their to test if they're to snooty for this, if they get all uptight about getting dirty in the pollo you got to tell them it's a wrap, it's the last supper for yall."


Don Churro

"Dessert that's simple but yet so hard to only have one or two. The owner, María Molina  of Don Churro in Pilsen is the originator of this magical dessert dating back to the early 90s when she opened up at this location. She was taught the recipe years ago but then she added the filling and since then it's been a wrap! I have been eating churro since a shorty with my mama where we'd buy them from random spot. But after meeting Maria at Don Churro I'm telling you from the dough, to the sugar, to the filling her batch is the truth. Many have tried to copy her steeze but María is the original Don Dada in Chicago of Churros."


Funk's Barbershop

"I swear I stand by my belief that if I feel sick all I need is a haircut and good sleep. It's just something about walking out of a barbershop that lifts my spirit and that def happens every time I visit my homie Funk The Barber and he gets going with the clippers. I've been going to Lawrence for a good 4 years now. He's cut before my college graduation, first dates, the interview for my current job, damn near every major moment fam. Now with his own barbershop that comes equipped with a good whiskey drink while you wait it's been my oasis every two weeks."