Our Take • Tiny Fireflies: The Space Between

For the past five years, Chicago shoegaze duo Tiny Fireflies have been making music together. Made up of Lisle Mitnik (formerly of solo act Fireflies) and Kristine Capula (formerly of solo act Tiny Microphone), the duo combined their skills and originality in 2010; their retro dance floor sound feels a bit like jumping in puddles, like driving a car from the 1980s through the early morning stars, looking for nothing in particular yet looking everywhere.

Since that first collaboration back in 2010, the duo has released music sporadically. Four songs in 2011. Two songs in 2012. Now, acting as their debut album, Tiny Fireflies released The Space Between back in November.

The nine song project sounds a bit different than their debut release, but it still remains in the same categories: pop/indie pop/new wave/shoegaze. The only comparison I can really make is to the Connecticut pop duo Child Actor. It's easy to make the comparison given the male/female duo, but it's the synth wave style that makes them sound similar. Like a hazy Purity Ring, or a more relaxed Little Dragon.

The Drive soundtrack revitalized this sound and the songs contained within The Space Between would fit nicely inside of that hauntingly beautiful film. Another idea: put Grand Theft Auto: Vice City on mute and vibe to this album one time. Cruise.

Be sure to check out Tiny Fireflies at the Empty Bottle on Sunday. The $5 show will act as an album release party, with openers Airiel, StarTropics, and Dogs from Redding. According to their Facebook page, they're pumped to perform this track

Staff Rating: 7.5