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Photo by Katie Graves

Members: Macie Stewart & Sima Cunningham • Follow: Twitter // Soundcloud

In the midst of the Drill revolution of 2012, a band called Kids These Days shined a national light on a different side of the Chicago music scene. From performing at Lollapalooza, SXSW, and even Conan, the 7 piece band made a name for themselves quickly, but the fun was over almost as quickly as it began. Although Kids These Days was no more, the experience was just a pit stop for all of the bands' members as they moved on to new ventures. Front man Vic Mensa was signed to Jay Z's Roc Nation, trumpet player Nico Segal aka Donnie Trumpet went on to make "Surf", Greg Landfair aka Stix is a member of The Social Experiment band alongside Donnie, and this list just keeps going. Together, they made some great music, but apart they made so much more. 

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Today, we're here to introduce a KTD step child of sorts. Consisting of former Kids These Days vocalist and keys player Macie Stewart and Sima Cunningham, older sister to former Kids These Days guitarist Liam Cunningham, Homme was born. Both having impressive resumes on file and their close proximity to each other socially, the combination of these two multi-talented individuals was almost inevitable. Beginning their journey together in the basement of the Cunningham family home, Homme and numerous other side projects have barely left that creative environment since its inception. Emerging from this space came Homme's experience fueled rock that is patiently awaiting its moment to be heard. 

The duo only has their single "Fingerprints" available for stream at the moment via their SoundCloud page, but their debut project is just weeks away from release. While we wait on the edge of our seat for Homme's proper introduction to the world, there is still plenty of music you can listen to now that has been blessed with the talents of Macie or Sima. Both Sima's split single The Wolf That Eats The Sheep and Marrow's (another Macie Stewart side project) The Gold Standard are available for consumption immediately. In addition to the enjoying their music through your headphones, feel free to step out into the real world and catch Homme live at The Hideout on November 17th. Their performance alongside Ben Boye will mark week three of Sima's November residency at the Noble Square venue. Be sure to check out our Events page for more information.