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Evolution is an interesting thing. Should you have enough time to pay attention to anything growing, the formation and change in direction is palpable and at times controversial, yet success is innately impossible without said change. It's in that sense that Beach Jesus came into my peripheral over the course of the last year or so. A collection of acts that span several group and solo projects, the assemblage of Chandler London, JAROFMY, SEER, and Jessiath came together from an array of sounds and ideas and have used 2015 to prove to the city and those beyond that they are capable of taking those independent experiences and understandings of music and channel it into something that is at once multi-functional and forward-thinking. From Supreme Regime's Jessiath is now Beach Jesus vocalist Jommis, what was once Chandler London is now Chando. Former behind-the-scenes player JAROFMY is now acting as producer. The evolution is in full swing.

Essential Listens

Earlier this year, the guys released a proper introduction on their June album, Two Weeks Vacation, which served as a perfect sampler platter of self-proclaimed "dream hop" for what the group was capable of and allowed listeners to get acquainted with the foursome's penchant for somewhat indie-leaning production and matching bars. Having already packed a hustle-filled few months into the year at that point, the guys were regulars playing around the city before the tape dropped, allowing for a growing fan base that has since, well, evolved. Their track "Lovemore" off of the Two Weeks release stays with heavy rotation over here and we've actually had the guys on a couple episodes of our No Coast News podcast as well. The initial release staked their claim to a sub-section of hip-hop that is getting increasingly more attention lately as the world slowly forgets about drill. Playing with aspects of rap, rock, dance and more, the collection of artists seem to create at will, attacking whatever feels right in the moment. Nowhere is this more evident than on their recent release "Wav Rider" which flirts with a fluttering dance beat before falling into a sort of new-age reggae. It's both based in what they've done before and an understood progression as to where they're headed. If what these cats were able to accomplish throughout the past calendar is any indication of what is to come from the Beach Jesus crew, I would most definitely expect plenty more words on the subject to be coming from These Days. The evolution is real and happening in real time, don't sleep and miss it all together. 

For now, check out a selection of our favorite Beach Jesus songs and stay up to date on all the news with the guys by stopping by the site regularly.