Show Preview: King Marie Headlines Schubas


When King Marie decided to lunge forward and reintroduce herself as a singer, she put her all into creating what is now known as her debut EP, The Prelude. Previously known almost exclusively as a DJ, the project served as a testament to all of her talents and the path that let them flourish. Highlighted by the lead single, "I Decided," the record is an airy, self-empowering arrival that one can reflect on and dance to. 

Marie's upcoming headlining show at Schubas is another decisive step towards her creative freedom. "It's the first show where people will be able to hear me sing," informs the Northwest native during a quick sit-down at South Facing Windows. And although she was initially tempted to fall-back on her DJ skills for at least part of her set —her friends advocated for her vocals to shine without caveats.

It's that same supportive community ethos that Marie aimed to uphold when she curated the show's line-up. "For me, it's always been 'how can I help the homies,'" she tells us about having the likes of TheMind and Ness Heads on the bill. "I'm a fan of all my friends and everyone on this bill is an incredible, multi-disciplinary artist."

The momentous precedent that performing at Schubas has meant for nationally recognized acts isn't lost on Marie. "I've talked to so many homies that were like 'my first show was at Schubas,'" she recalls before looking ahead, "To have it be intimate, to have a really small stage and have everyone be that close and tight-knit —I'm really excited for what it will start."