Round Up • New Releases From Fredo Santana, Odd Couple, Montana of 300 & More

Photo by Rene Marban

Photo by Rene Marban

Each week the These Days staff comes across great music from Chicago artists that we could not provide individual features for. In an effort to keep our readers up to date with more of our recent favorites, the Round Up segment provides quick summaries and additional noteworthy content. Check out our latest picks below and feel free to submit a comment if you feel we missed something.

Fredo Santana (ft. Chief Keef) • "Dope Game" (Music Video)

Its been over six months since Fredo started teasing us with rumors of "Blood Thicker Than Water", a collaboration project with Chief Keef. The talk about the collaboration has since quieted and for a second I thought it may have been scrapped like many projects before it, but it looks like we can still look forward hearing these two together after all. Fredo and Keef revive the anticipation with director Nick Brazinsky in a visual for "Dope Game". 

Joseph Chilliams • "Friends"

We're used to waiting long periods of time in between Joseph Chilliams releases, but it seems he's now in full album-mode as he follows up the terrific "Jelly" with this new single. Anyone who has followed Pivot Gang for the past few years should know that the 90's sitcom Friends played an important role in the west-side's crew name, hence the cover art and song title reference.

Montana of 300 & Talley of 300 • "Nothing New" (Music Video)

Montana of 300 uses his growing buzz (he was recently spotted in a studio session with Kanye West) to shed some shine on fellow 300 member Talley of 300, who makes sure to capitalize on the opportunity by flexing his songwriting skills and flow. These two have extensively worked together in the past, but this might be their best joint to date.

Odd Couple • "The Resistance" (Edit)

While producers remixing Drake tracks is far from a rarity these days, Odd Couple manages to do so in a unique fashion as he pulls one from damn near forgotten debut album Thank Me Later. Listen to his edit of "The Resistance" below, and be sure to grab Chatterbox if you're not yet familiar with the Closed Sessions producer.

Veto Jesuss • 9 to 5 (EP)

Veto Jesuss is a new name in the Chicago community, but his associated act is no stranger to the Windy City rap scene. Released on Soundcloud through rapper God's account, Veto Jesuss is also part of the Money Block Entertainment. With God releasing an album called The Bible last year and now with a debut EP from an affiliate named Jesuss, it's pretty obvious that these Money Block artists are following a theme. We can only hope that they eventually recruit a female vocalist named Magdalene or something. Until that time comes, stream the six songs below that mesh trap intensity with soulful flows. A particular standout is "I Ain't Got Time" with rapper Wu Allah, which samples the famous viral video (ain't nobody got time for that). 

DB3 • "Gold Glider vs. Silver Surfer" & "Pockets Filled With Hennos"

Following a recent falling out with Chris Crack and the New Deal Crew, DB3 takes a moment to throw some not so subtle shade at his former colleagues in "Gold Glider vs. Silver Surfer" and flex his independent spirit in "Pocket Filled With Hennos". Both songs will be featured on two separate upcoming projects from DB3. He might be absent a crew right now, but sounds like DB3 will be using his new found freedom constructively. 

Black Matt • "How Did I Know"

Black Matt has been inundating Chicago's underground hip hop scene for years, and over the past month, he's continued this trend with some new cuts from an upcoming project called Call For Help. Produced by Cook Up Cam and Riccardo Tisci, Matt's latest begs the question "How did I know?" My only guess is because Matt is regularly everywhere. You've likely been standing right next to him without even knowing it. 

Z Money (ft. Reese The Mayor) • "Amazing"

"Amazing" is a track featuring late rapper Reese The Mayor from the same Z Money vaults that have been holding us over while we wait for Z to get out and start recording new music. This song sounds a bit rushed and unpolished, but not outdated, which is understandable seeing as a lot of rappers are still trying to catch up to the wave he initiated a couple of years back.