Mojek • "Nobody"

Local DJ and producer Mojek has always been on the forefront of instrumental crossover. Drawing inspiration from hip hop, house, funk, motown and seemingly everything in between, Mojek's sound is a welcomed breath of fresh air. Mojek's latest fits the mold he's created for himself quiet nicely, sampling a classic Four Tops record and looping it over some bouncy and spacey synths. Leave it to Mojek to make an uptempo "sad song about girls and stuff". 

Mojek isn't the poster child for consistent releases by any means, but when he pops out of hiding, he's never disappointed this listener. While "Nobody" won't be featured on any project in the future, there is something new on the way and Mojek tells us he's collaborating with several Chicago based artists. While that description is pretty vague, at least we can look forward to more vibes like this here.