Homme • 'HOMME EP' Advance Listen

Chicago is known for its recent onslaught of hip-hop but below the surface we've had plenty of musical movements happening in their own right. Today, we get a sneak peek of one of our local favorites, alt-rock duo Homme, which is a pairing of Sima Cunningham and Macie Stewart, who unveiled the advance stream of their self-titled debut project Tuesday.

When I first arrived in Chicago to cover the music scene, one of the first communities that really opened their doors and welcomed me with open arms were the Cunningham's. The family that boasts Marrow's frontman Liam as well as Sima amongst its ranks turned their home in Logan Square into a sort of central meeting and nurturing place for creatives and musicians alike. My earliest memories hanging around the scene revolve around drunken bonfires, house parties, and trips north to the Postock Farm where they hold a festival every year. The house became the second hangout for Kids These Days and featured a slew of organic jams with an assortment of musicians from around the city like Peter Cottontale, Donnie Trumpet, Dorian Gehring, and more. I planted trees with their mother Jackie Kazarian, an artist in her own right, when I needed a few extra bucks for rent. 

With that in mind, Homme couldn't have chosen a better name for this project or the band itself. An obvious play on the words for where one spends most of their time, 'Home' has been a consistent theme for these two from the beginning of their time together simply messing around with more instruments than they could play in a day scattered all around them. I remember interviewing them for the Chicago Sun-Times back in 2012 when they were preparing for a solo showcase together. On our way to the interview, Macie's car got rear-ended and we spent an hour or so filling out a police report and the below video I dug up was shot in, well, Macie's mom's home. 

I can't say a ton about the music throughout here having gone through it only a couple times, but what I can be sure of after a third go 'round is that more than anything it is exactly these two. Unabashed, explorative with a never-ending wonder for the music itself, this collection of songs is both a proper introduction to two of the city's brightest talents and an affirmation of what many of us have known for a long time. Get into it for yourself now and pre-order it via iTunes next week when it drops.

Video by Andrew Zeiter

Jake Krez

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