Supa Bwe • "Toni Braxton"

Supa Bwe just dropped his solo debut The Dead Occasion two weeks ago, but it appears the occasion continues with "Toni Braxton", a leftover that was selfish of Supa to keep all to himself, so he decided to go ahead and add it to the end of the project. Can't say I've seen anyone add music to a project after it dropped, but Supa Bwe isn't most people and I'm not surprised one bit. The ode to 90's icon Toni Braxton takes a page from Twista's "Slow Jamz" as Supa celebrates light and dark skinned girls everywhere over production he's crafted himself.  Will this be the end of The Dead Occasion, or is there more on the way?  Time will tell I suppose, but there's no shortage content in the vault when it comes to this guy.