The Walters • "Goodbye Baby"

It's been about a year since we heard Chicago rock outfit The Walters' debut EP, Songs for Dads. The six song package remains a fitting piece of material for autumn (it was released last November) and it only makes sense that the five-piece is preparing to release their follow-up, again during the autumn. In the between time, they released a duet of singles ("Hunk Beach" and "I Wanna Be Good") and a duet of music videos. They've even done a handful of interviews, one of which was with These Days last month.

Yesterday, to kickstart the anticipation for their forthcoming EP, Young Men, they gave the world “Goodbye Baby”, a guitar-driven lullaby about heartbreak and trying to get over a lost love. Contained within the song is 150 seconds of autumn: of falling leaves, of warmer weather, and of a reflective changing of the seasons. If “Goodbye Baby” is any indication, Young Men will be yet another stand-out project from The Walters.