Kevin Coval Appears on The Daily Show

Chicago writer/poet/teacher Kevin Coval has been making a lot of headlines lately. The 35-year-old wordsmith released his latest book, a collection of poems titled 'The People's History of Chicago' earlier this month and capitalized on the increased attention with an appearance Wednesday on Comedy Central's satire-leaning news show with Trevor Noah. 

A catalyst of the rap scene in the city, Coval's book features a foreword from none other than Chance The Rapper, who attended the writer's collaborative 'Young Chicago Authors' after school poetry programs while learning his own craft. Looking like a true professional under the bright lights of cable, Coval represented the city appropriately, coming across like a seasoned television pro while chopping up the finer points of what being a Chicagoan today is like with the show's new host, Noah. Touching on the aspects of his work that has allowed him spaces and experiences to create a book like A People's History of Chicago, Coval's appearance Wednesday night was an important one for another side of the city, the support system often not identified. Check out the whole interview, above.

Jake Krez

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